Sunday, 28 October 2012

Signup for Linux Steam beta is live!

Valve sidestepped me! There I was, diligently checking their Linux blog on an intraday basis, but no further details of the beta had been posted.

It's lucky I'm a regular Phoronix reader, as Michael posted a link to the signup page on Friday.

Instead of their blog, Valve sneakily announced the signup on their Linux beta community group (worth subscribing to if you haven't already). From the number of members at present - almost 10,000 - it looks like competition for the beta will be fierce.

Anyway, here we go... get your beta testing hats on!

To reiterate, this beta is intended for seasoned Linux users who aren't strangers to filing and fixing bugs. Please hold on for the stable release if you just want to enjoy the fruits of Valve's labour.

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